Monday, April 17, 2006

Luxury Vehicles

A luxury vehicle is a vehicle which provides a great abundance of ease and comfort. Although there can be a great range of "vehicles" that offer luxurious settings, a true luxury car will be a car (sedan, coupè, hatchback, station wagon, roadster, etc.), a light truck (light pickup trucks), or an SUV. Luxury vehicles place more emphasis on comfort, appearance, and amenities than on performance, economy, or utility. Furthermore, they usually offer more modern technology, higher quality materials, and are often built in smaller numbers than more affordable mass-market vehicles.

General definition (for American cars)

While a luxury car is difficult to define as it is somewhat subjective, there are certain guidelines by which the luxury cars are defined. Currently, that means its Mean Selling Price (MSP) is excess of roughly US$36,000 or higher. In addition to being relatively expensive, luxury cars also offer a higher degree of comfort than their mainstream counterparts as well as a highly sumptous interior with a strong emphasis on design and beauty.

A vehicle may still be considered an entry-level luxury vehicle if its base MSP is in the general range of $29,000 and $36,000, it features a strong emphasis on comfort, and it is manufactured by a luxury car maker. Luxury car makers are companies which produce cars at approximate price of $36,000. In order for a vehiclemade by a non-luxury marque to be considered a luxury car, it should have a base MSP of roughly $36k.

In addition to featuring a high base price and high levels of comfort luxury, cars typically carry prestige. Although this cannot be measured in finite quantities, "prestige" usually refers to the allure which the car carries. From prestige, people get the idea of "paying for the emblem". For example, because of its prestige, the BMW 3 Series might cost more than if the same car if it was sold under a non-luxury marque. Also, it is important to note, that in no way are all prestige cars actually luxury cars (e.g. the Dodge Viper is certainly not a luxury car).


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